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Velázquez 56, Madrid
Discover how it was born.

Designed under the “Made in Spain” concept, this establishment is inspired by the typically Mediterranean artisan process. A space that conveys the passion for details and tradition for savoir faire, blending with the latest technology to offer a space of dynamic sales, with appealing visual projections that entice clients to go inside and discover the essence of Hispanitas, as well as our manufacturing process.
Little details have a big meaning in this store. They bring you through the manufacturing process of the shoes and provide a unique personality to the store.

We aim to arouse curiosity and let customers discover closely the manufacturing process. From its first stages, with the sketching of a shoe, to the quartering of the parts or materials, as well as the chance to customize models.


Despite the passage of time and the incorporation of new technologies in the manufacturing process, some production processes are still made in the artisan way. For this reason, in a corner that brings us to the past, we pay homage to artisan shoemakers, with the tools they used in the manufacturing processes typical of the Alicante area.


All the elements come from Spain, banking on a nearly extinct craft. Materials such as leather, forge, clay or bulrush are present either in the establishment and in its 100% custom-made furniture. Natural copper shelves and forges help present exclusive collections.


A space with subtle details that take us to the origins and history of Hispanitas. A family history that has become a referent of quality footwear around the world.

Our “Flagship Store” is located in the Velázquez street of Madrid, on the corner with Ayala street, in the famous quarter of Salamanca, one of the most renowned districts, well known for its fashion, glamour, elegance and sophistication.

C\ Velázquez, 56
28001 Madrid (Madrid)
Tel.(+34) 965 370 605

Opening time

Monday - Saturday 10:00h - 21:00h

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